We’re looking at cyberbullying the wrong way

Bad egg A bully is a bully and a troll is a troll, no matter where you go online. For as long as online mass communication has existed, online bullying has existed. To effectively address the issue of cyberbullying, one must not only question the environments that yield such behaviors, but examine how and why the behavior exists in the first place. Read More

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The hopes and headaches of Snapchat’s glasses

snapchat-spectacles Snapchat is the only company cool enough to possibly dismantle the Google Glass stigma. Awkward, useless, and a threat to privacy are how many think of computers you wear on your face. Can Snapchat show off the masterful marketing and smooth execution required to produce a product that won’t die on stores shelves or in a desk drawer? To quickly recount the basics, a video of… Read More

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Taking a swing for the Grammys with the new Lip Sync Battle app

Lip Sync Battle The art of the lip sync has had a profound impact on the state of our…ok no, but dammit is lip synching fun. For those of you locked in a Faraday cage, pretending to sing has become all the rage these days. You have Michelle Obama doing it for Carpool Karaoke, Tim Cook using it to open up events, and of course the ever entertaining LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen using it as a platform… Read More

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Messaging app Telegram adds selfie masks, DIY GIFs

Telegram masks With what looks to be an eye on Snapchat’s selfie-loving fanbase, messaging platform Telegram has beefed up its in-app photo editor in what it dubs an “entertainment-heavy update” — including an option that lets users customize selfies by adding cartoon masks that automatically align on their faces. Read More

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The ugly reality of an Oculus founder’s politics

Palmer Luckey It hasn’t been a great couple of days for Facebook PR. For one thing, the company admitted that, due to an error, it has been significantly inflating its reports on average video view times. For another, The Daily Beast discovered that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is backing the pro-Donald Trump organization Nimble America, a group dedicated to promoting anti-Hillary Clinton memes… Read More

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Twitter scores with NFL deal

empty Football stadium With the start of the new NFL season, fans across the U.S. — indeed, the world — are turning their attention to who the winners and losers will be, and who’ll be making their way to Super Bowl LI. With plenty of interactive and innovative ways for fans to get involved, perhaps the most exciting news for sports fans is the NFL’s deal with Twitter to live stream 10 games… Read More

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Jonah Peretti on staying innovative with BuzzFeed Open Lab

jonah peretti What’s a media company doing making stuffed animals that can read your emotions? Received wisdom in business is that young companies innovate so naturally that they don’t need help or special programs to foster innovation. So when a young media business like BuzzFeed starts an innovation “lab,” it feels something like a college freshman sporting grandpa’s golf… Read More

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